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Chiller hấp thụ, chiller chạy điện cấp nước lạnh cho AHU, FCU và các thiết bị làm mát khác

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Van chuyển đổi hơi (Từ hơi quá nhiệt sang hơi bão hòa)

Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp
Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp

Chiller hấp thụ đốt trực tiếp

  • Microcomputer full-automatic control system
  • The most advanced control system PID, realizes high precision of temperature control in the range of ±0.1℃ , which can reduce the time reaching the rated refrigerating capacity and save energy sharply.
  • The chiller can adjust the running status parameters automatically by the solution concentration monitor, which can be combined with the melting-crystal device to avoid crystallization.
  • Self-cleaning refrigerate drop device is non-electricity and non-clog which can avoid the cooling capacity attenuation. The perpetual-use technology of solution guarantees much lower maintenance cost than other suppliers.
  • The stepless adjustment of cooling capacity in the range of 10% to 100%.The imported key parts keep the chiller running steadily as long as 20 years. The compact-optimized structural design with smaller size and weight.
  • Solution pump with automatic variable frequency adjustment conserves much more power in the partial load condition. Double-purging system by automatic injector makes purging convenient and thorough.
  • Fuel selections including heavy oil, light oil, coal gas, natural gas and LPG.

Specification table:


Note: 1.USRT=3024kcal/h=3.517kW, 1mAq=9.8

2.Standard chilled water inlet/outlet TEMP is 12℃→7℃

3.Standard hot water inlet/outlet TEMP is 55.8℃→60℃

4. Standard cooling water inlet/outlet is 32℃→37.5℃

5. Standard chilled water, cooling water.hot water system: The highest pressure is 8kg/cm2G

6.Standard gas prerssure: 900 ˜ 1999mmaq(Gas connection size is changed by the gas pressure, gas value etc.)

7.Currents & Electricity Consumptions are based on 3Ø 380V 50Hz

8.Lower calorific value:LNG 11000kcal/Nm3 City gas:3800kcal/Nm3 Light oil: 10300kcal/kg specific gravity:0.84

9.Total Shipping weight = REF.weight + SOLUTION weight + UNIT weight

10.The specifications are subject to change without prior notice